2016 Recap: The Problem with New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of the year – you’re scribbling down your New Year, New Me stuff  on a napkin during a Christmas party or you’re neatly writing them on the first page of a journal labeled 2017. It’s the time to write down all of those things you wanted to do this year (or the year before), but didn’t. It’s the time to get a fresh new start and change your being for the better.

New Year’s Resolutions are always a fun activity, but there is one major problem with them – you. Probably 3/4 of the world’s population drops their resolutions by January 7th. I’ve been scrolling through my Facebook news feed, reading countless statuses moaning about how their year sucked, how it’s the end of 2016 and they’ve improved nothing. Well, guess what Sherlock – the only thing stopping you is yourself

As I can assume through social media, 2016 was kind of a nightmare for everyone.I, personally, had an amazing year. I had my resolutions, I had them on a random piece of paper, but I also kept them close to my heart. I worked my butt off – it was hard and it wasn’t all roses, but I made it work.  2016 provided many of the best memories of my life! So much happened and so much changed.

I wanted to travel. Travel is sadly something tied pretty much to money, but never the less I found a way to visit foreign countries and travel around my home country Bulgaria. I visited London for the first time in January, then I spent an amazing 5 days in Dublin in June, 4 wild nights in Novi Sad  in July, a sneaky weekend getaway to Thassos and finally a quick trip to Amsterdam.  I laughed, explored and captured a ton of memories on my camera.

I strived to move to a big, metropolitan city and study graphic design there. Here I am, studying at UAL as a Graphic and Media Student in of the biggest and fast-moving cities – London. Not one that, I managed to finish my first term with 5As and a B. It was terrifying – I moved 3000km away from home, I left my friends and family and traded the comfort of my beloved car for the packed, lack-of-personal-space -whatsoever London tube.  Believe me, I wanted to give up so many times, but I didn’t let it get to me – I just clenched my teeth and worked through it.

Saying “yes” and being more spontaneous was definitely something else I achieved in 2016. Even though people often describe me as a wild child, I would rarely go on a random adventure, or just say yes to a crazy idea in my head. I would overthink, become scared and drop it. This year though, I started pushing myself out of my comfort zone and started exploring and doing things that would normally scare the crap out of me. I went to festivals, took spontaneous trips around the country, let myself fall in love with people and places,  jumped out of cliffs and so much more.

I also found my true passion – one for that fine line where design and code interact. Not only did I start working as a graphic designer, but I also got involved in numerous events and organisations related to the field. Firstly, I became a CoderDojo mentor to kids, who wanted to learn to code; Then I participated in Rails Girls this time as a coach, teaching women about programming, Ruby and women in tech. I also had the amazing opportunity to speak at Design Weekend (a whopping 3 lectures!) I’m currently working on developing my portfolio website, as well as some really cool design tech content to be uploaded on here!

As I said, it wasn’t all roses. I had times when I wanted to drop everything and just sit in my bed and never get out. I had days when I felt like a useless human being. I lost people in 2016, but I also met some amazing new ones. Life isn’t easy or simple but you have a choice how to live it. Are you going to scream every time you hit a bump or are you going to put your hands up in the air and enjoy it? We should stop worrying so much and trust life a bit more.  So,

This year don’t sit on the couch watching Netflix waiting for the change. In the new year,  do things that challenge you. Say “yes”. Let go. Go after what you want. Be fearless. Smile. Love.

In 2017, I hope we all live a little bit louder louder.


I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings. See you on the other side!

XO, Merrie


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