Exactly one week ago, on Monday the 21st,  I completed my 21nd loop around the sun and apart from stuffing my face with cake faster than you can say “make a wish”, drinking some snazzy cocktails and finally submitting my bachelor dissertation proposal (oh the glamorous life of a second year student), I also sat down and reflected on what I’ve learnt about this life thing so far and decided to share it with my little corner of the internet. So, I present you:

  1. Moving abroad is the most scary and rewarding thing you could do.
  2. Travel and explore as much as you can.
  3. Sleep is underrated.
  4. Being single in your 20s is a blessing in disguise.
  5. The incognito tab can be used for more than watching porn – cheap plane tickets!
  6. Not talking to/seeing your friends daily doesn’t mean they’re not your friends anymore.
  7. High school is probably not the best period of your life.
  8. There are so many ways you can eat eggs, specially if you’re a student.
  9. An IKEA candle is a perfectly good hammer replacement.
  10. Your mum is not as scary as she seemed when you were 15.
  11. A night in and be just as good as a night out (even better).
  12. Your bra can fit way more than just your boobs – phone, card, keys, etc.
  13. Eat food before a night out to avoid looking like a drunk cow.
  14. Don’t rush through life’s milestones – there’s plenty of time to achieve all your wildest dreams.
  15. Not everyone around you will be happy for your success.
  16. Freeze your tofu before you fry it.
  17. You really don’t need 12 different foundations.
  18. 12 shades of nude lipstick is totally acceptable though.
  19. It’s okay to admit you don’t know something and ask for help.
  20. Sometimes you’re going to be more excited to buy a new hoover than a new piece of clothing.
  21. Don’t delete pictures, because you think you look bad.




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