Adventures in Yosemite

Yosemite. You’ve seen it on your Macbook wallpaper and all over Pinterest and Instagram and it’s beautiful. Guess what? It’s incomparable to seeing it in real life. And that’s exactly what I did this Thanksgiving.

We were originally planning to rent a car and drive up there, but realised that it’s actually really hard considering we’re 20 and international. Thus we decided to hop on a day trip by Greyline, which made stops at the most popular sights of Yosemite and gave us time to explore the park on our own for 3.5h. It’s not a lot, but it’s definitely a great opportunity if you’re on a tight schedule like we were. For anyone wondering, we left San Francisco at 7 AM, were in the park by 12ish (with a 30min break) and left at 4:15 to go back to SF. The journey’s not that bad, but in the end we were super tired and went straight to bed haha.

I’ve been rewriting this post so many times, trying to put Yosemite’s unique beauty and charm into words, but I just can’t. Not even preparing for the SAT gives you the right words to explain something so majestic. Hearing the roar of all the waterfalls around you, taking in deep breath of the fresh air and looking up to the granite walls all around you. Climbing around the rocks, slipping and sliding in all the puddles and getting sprayed by the water hitting the base of the fall. Feeling too small next to the giant trees and forgetting why the hell you live surrounded by skyscrapers and not by nature in the first place. Those are only a few of the emotions and feelings that overwhelm you when in Yosemite. You have to be there and see(and smell) it for yourself. I only wish I can soon be back for longer! Until then, I leave you with some pictures I managed to take along the way!

Have you been to Yosemite? Was your your favourite place?




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