Christmas Wishlist 2017 || #MerrieChristmas


Although I can still get away with wearing shorts in LA, it’s time to unfroze Mariah Carrey and Michael Buble, deck the halls with fairy lights and whip out the Christmas trees! As we entered the happiest month of the year, we also officially entered the season of gift buying and giving. If you live in a place where Black Friday is a thing, maybe you’re on it and have already started buying gifts and compiling your own gift wish list, but for me, I’m just getting into the spirit (and it was my last day of class today!). This year I don’t particularly need anything and I to feel like being in LA for the past almost 5 months is the biggest gift itself, but I think it would be fun to compile a list of things I kind of would enjoy having. Hopefully it gives you some ideas about what you guys would want for Christmas or what you can gift someone with similar interests and taste to me. There’s also a good price range in these, so there’s definitely something for everyone!

What’s on your Christmas wish list? Let me know in the comments down below! 

1. GoPro Hero6 Black Edition 499$

I travel a lot. And I like to film my travels and share it with the world! I have quite the collection of cameras, but one thing I’m missing is a GoPro. I haven’t yet been skiing (I know, I know) nor have I been to that many tropical destinations, so I’ve somehow survived without one, but I would really love to have one in my bag. They recently came out with the Hero 6 and I think it’s a really good gift for anyone who’s into travelling and filmmaking/photography. It’s a little bit more on the expensive side, but if you’re asking for one big present, this may be it.

2. Nike Trainers ~99$

Another item I would never turn away is a new pair of trainers. I’m so happy that they have been in style the past couple of years and they are too versatile! I have an old black pair that has been with me for almost 3 years and looks very disgusting, so I would actually appreciate a fresh new pair. My fave brand of sneakers is Nike and I love how comfy their shoes are + they have them in so many styles and colours! My favourite ones are the Nike Air Max Thea (Oatmeal/Black/Red) and Nike Airmax 90 (Black/Rose Gold).

3. Makeup  10ish – a lot $$

No, I don’t need more makeup. Yes, that doesn’t mean I can’t want more. I’m kind of drawn mostly to eyeshadow palettes  – Urban Decay “Naked Heat”, Huda Beauty “Warm Brown” or “Desert Dusk”, Tart  Tartelette, Gigi x Maybelline (for a budget option) and so many more! I would also love to try Fenty Beauty or get a MAC lippie or something like that. I feel like almost every girl would love a new additions or two to her makeup collection. It’s also a great stocking stuffer!

4. Board Games 10-30$

I’m soon to move to my first apartment and who doesn’t love to have a good board game around? whether a classic like Card Against Humanity, Heads Up or Catan; or a quirky Secret Hitler, What Do You Meme or Most Likely To, they’re always fun! I actually own like 1 board game, so having a few new ones would be really cool!

5. My Princess Tiara Ring (Rosegold) 80$

I love love love Pandora and this ring has been on my wishlist for quite a while! I’m actually not one to buy expensive jewellery for myself, so I think Christmas is a perfect time to ask for something more fancy!

6. Pandora Charms ~35-100$

Continuing on the Pandora train, I have one of their charm bracelets and I wear it all the time! I would love to get a new addition to it. Some of my favourite picks are the Disney Collection, The Charming Owls Charm, Fairytale Crown Charm and the Sentimental Snapshots Charm.

7. Cozy Slippers 10-30$

This might be the only thing I kind of need – after wearing my fuzzy grey monster slippers non stop for a year and a half now, I have almost created a hole on their sole. They were from Oysho and that’s where I tend to find really really cute ones like these Bear Slippers ,  Closed Puppy Slippers  or these Three-Tone Faux Fur Slippers

8. Sherpa Jumper / Hoodie 40-100$

I have been obsessed with sherpa lately and I’ve seen so many beautiful pieces on Pinterest (like the True Git ones, but they are sooo expensive :’) ) I haven’t looked around the high street for an alternative, but anything sherpa I would love to have!

9. Nike Pro Leggings ~35$

I love going to the gym and a new pair of leggings is always useful! I love the simplicity of the Nike Pro ones + I’ve seen a lot of good reviews that they are actually comfortable for working out. They’re also a staple for long flights and travelling days when your usual favourite pair of mom jeans just won’t cut it.

10. Cute Mugs 5-10$

I think I mentioned this, but I am moving homes (yes, again) and this time it will be at least for a year, which makes me excited to finally have some cute mugs! I absolutely love getting them as presents, specially when they have a cute saying or a pun or a drawing! They’re a really cheap option and if you want to make them special you can stuff some candy or drugstore makeup in it!





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