How to beat the January blues? Getting back on track in February

It’s only the first day of February and you’re already struggling to get up in time for that 7:30AM spin class, you’re using a website restricting tool to keep you from ordering Domino’s Winter Survival deal, your expensive Moleskin journal is a mess and you can’t afford that Gucci bag just yet. The new year new me expectations are high, the Monday blues turn into weekly blues and we’re all complaining because it’s cold and dark outside.  Before you freak out that you’ve recognised yourself in any of the above or started to think about all the things you haven’t done, let me tell you – it’s completely normal.

For me, 2018 started pretty hectic as just 3 days in, barely recovered from New Year’s celebrations, I had to move into my first adult flat in London. I genuinely thought that I would be somehow done with all of it in a week, maximum two, but here I am almost 4 weeks after, sitting on the floor, building some more IKEA furniture and trying to sort out a water bill. I haven’t been to the gym as much as I’d planned to, I’ve over indulged in cookies and crisps and I haven’t either started on all of my blogging and YouTube, nor have I planned any exciting trips.

Self-demotivation is one of the biggest obstacles you’ll have to face while going for your goals. I can’t count how many times I’ve unconsciously put myself down and lost all motivation to succeed. I’ve criticised myself that I’ve slipped and had one cookie, which ruined my #cleaneating or I’ve still not found any graphic design jobs, so I stopped looking.

But today was a new month, a new day. Today I finally opened my journal and doodled the shit out of my February spreads, because it felt so good. I’m a girl who will cry if she loses her agenda, so you can imagine what it felt when I didn’t even have one for the whole of January. I woke up without an alarm and watched the sunrise with a cup of coffee in my hand. I managed to squeeze 2 shoots between deadlines week at uni. I started a new 12 week gym programme to erase every last trace of Christmas cookies and turkey on my body.  I’m making small steps towards getting back into the routine I had. There are mornings when I’m EXTREMELY exhausted. Like the “Can I cancel today and become a blanket burrito” kind of exhausted. But I try and get up. And sometimes it turns into a lovely day and I get a ton of things done. And sometimes I still feel like shit throughout the day and can’t even pronounce my name right. But I try.

So, if you’re feeling anything less than a sparkling ray of sunshine and motivation after this month, I would suggest basically taking it day by day. Build it up. Improve. But also take days off – to watch Netflix, to go for a bottomless brunch with your gal pals or re-connect with your family. And remember – in the end, YOU SURVIVED JANUARY! And that itself calls for a celebration! Cheers!




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