Life in L.A. #4: I dropped a 6$ ice-cream?!

I know, I know. It’s technically week 5, but deadlines got the best of me and the previous weekend was spent watching some mum’s tutorials on how to make an endless fold card, battling the layout for that card in InDesign and fiddling with the curvy part of a number 2 for way too many hours. Anyways, with those two things done, my weekend was free, and I grasped the opportunity to soak up some sunshine on the beach (I know everyone reading this from Europe hates me for being able to have beach days at the end of September haha)

On Saturday, we headed to this ice cream place called Little Damage. You may have seen it on BuzzFeed and 9Gag because it sells black ice-cream. Yes, like our souls (jk). It’s in the centre of DTLA, and it’s open from 12 pm to 2 am most days, so it’s perfect for a midnight snack run. There was a long line, but when you’re with a friend, it’s not that bad. And hey, it’s a hell of an Insta! Since it is officially a fall now (I am writing this on the first day of fall), we decided it’s time to honour pumpkin season, so I went for the new flavour, Black Jack. As for toppings, I kept it simple with some Oreos (not pumpkin haha). Now here’s the funny part – as I was trying to take the above-shown picture, I was angling my ice-cream very strangely. Exactly two seconds after I took the picture, it fell. As I later saw, when I asked for a refill, it says the ice-cream is not gravity proof. So yeah, I dropped a 6$ ice-cream on the streets of DTLA (thankfully I got a refill). After the whole experience, we roamed a bit around, did a cheeky stop at Urban Outfitters (I got something reaaaaaalllyyy cool) and headed back to USC.

Sunday was our big exploring day. We hopped on the Metro to Santa Monica and spent the day walking along the beach, chasing seagulls, taking pictures and exploring the broad walk to Venice. It’s so convenient having a Metro stop just 5mins away from my apartment because you can’t beat a 1.75$ deal all the way down to the beach.

We started off at Santa Monica Pier where we found the end of the famous Route 66. The pier itself is like a mini amusement park and is very very busy. It’s still a nice walk and has some pretty cool views of Malibu and the ocean. Going down from there, you can walk about 3-4 miles on the beach or on the broad walk (where you can bike/skate) down to Venice. If you choose to walk by the beach, you can also stop by to take some pictures with the bus lifeguard houses, as they are truly worthy of a gram’, am I right?



As we got into Venice, I realised it reminds me SO much of Camden back in London. It’s basically like a Camden on the beach, what’s not to love about that? It’s filled with cute little shops, street performers, and the coolest dog you’ve ever seen. The skatepark is also a pretty big attraction and a very cool photo opportunity spot – definitely got some good shots there!   We definitely need to go back, because we haven’t seen everything yet (the canals, the mosaic house, some cute cafes etc.), so there will be definitely a part two to this!




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