Life in L.A. #5: Footsteps on Malibu Beach

This is one of those posts where I actually don’t have much to say – I spent a wonderful October afternoon laying on a beach in Malibu doing absolutely nothing. And l loved it. Sometimes you just need some silence and time to unwind and just relax. Thankfully, Southern Cali weather allows that to be on the beach with a cold drink in hand.

Sadly, we didn’t do enough research beforehand, so we stayed around the Malibu pier an didn’t have the chance to go further up the Pacific Coast Highway (we will go back though, it seems absolutely beautiful). The pier was also pretty cool itself and there’s also a super cute place to eat directly on the pier called Malibu Farm and their menu looked delicious, so if you’re around there and hungry I’m sure it’s a good spot to grab a bite.

Best of all, we had a sick sunset view (and took way waaaaay too many pictures as you can tell #sorrynotsorry).  Enjoy!



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