Life in L.A. #2: Giant balloon dogs and egg sluts!

I had seen enough Infinity Room selfies on Pinterest and Instagram! Visiting The Broad Museum had been on my mind ever since I got to L.A. and it was time to go. This new contemporary art museum in DTLA is getting more and more popular every day, hosting over 2 000 works of art including pieces by Barbara Kruger, Andy Warhol, Chuck Close, Jeff Koons, Roy Lichtenstein and Yayoi Kusama (a full on an exhibition of hers is soon to debut *squeaks with excitement*). It’s getting more and more popular with queues going around the building to get in. Luckily, I had the fantastic opportunity to visit it with a Press Pass (thanks to the lovely people at the Broad!), which enabled me to skip the line both for entry and for the Infinity Mirror Room. If you’re a blogger, I highly would recommend applying for one of these, at it really saves you a lot of time sweating in the sun (and potentially ruining the adorable outfit you picked for the day).

The Broad has been regularly putting on new exhibitions and quietly rotating works on the 3rd-floor walls, which contain a part of the permanent Broad Collection. Currently, an installation titled Oracle is on view on the 1st-floor galleries, and the permanent collection is up on the 3rd floor. Although I hadn’t heard of the majority of artist displayed there, there were still exhibits that caught my eye. I will confess, sometimes I do not “get” modern art but most of the pieces at the Broad weren’t too abstract for my liking, and I enjoyed them.

Again on the first floor, you can also find the star of Instagram which I mentioned earlier – Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirror Room: The Souls of Million Light Years Away. If you have never heard of her and her art, I would highly recommend looking her up. She’s mostly known for her obsession with polka dots, nets and infinity, which she all incorporates in her work. Oh, and fun fact – she has lived voluntarily in a psychiatric hospital since 1975. The room itself is relatively small, and you get only 45sec in it (10sec for selfies, 10 sec for a video/Boomerang and 20sec phone free, if you ask me). It’s such a weird sensation that is hard to put into words – the whole room is filled with different LEDs, which light up and create the “infinity” effect that makes you feel like you’re in outer space. I do think it’s something you should experience in person, if you have the chance, and would say that it’s worth the time to wait to go in there.

Going up either on the escalators or through the cool lift (I preferred the second one), you enter a bright and colourful space where you can see some quite significant pieces from the Japanese anime and kawaii culture, as well as one of Jeff Koon’s bigger installations “Tulips”. To be honest, there wasn’t anything that I disliked on this floor – a lot of the exhibits I had studied about last year in university, so seeing them in person was an amazing experience. Some highlights for me were the blue balloon dog again from Jeff Koon, Barbara Kruger’s “Your body is a battleground”, “Hate Like Us”, Glenn Ligon’s Double America (very Instagram famous as well), Robert Therrien’s oversized table and chairs and all of Andy Warhol’s work exhibited.

The museum is extremely well lit, with a very minimalist feeling to it, so I would definitely recommend bringing your bestie or boyfriend photographer and taking loads of pictures. Don’t do it only for the ‘gram though, as you would miss on a valuable experience! Also, the staff are super knowledgeable and friendly, so if you’re interested in a particular piece, don’t be afraid to pop by and ask them – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

The only thing that I kind of felt could use improvement is the wayfinding system(or the almost lack of one). You do get a beautiful brochure, but it’s big and gets in your way. The signs are relatively small compared to some massive artworks and get overshadowed by them. In general, if you don’t look at the map, you kind of start circling and could get a bit lost in the space. I’m only saying this because I decided to do a university project on this problem, so I’m just giving a little heads up a teaser for an upcoming post!

After our visit, we were very very hungry, so we headed to Grand Central Market to try out an “eggslut”. I had seen YouTubers go this place, but it never looked so busy as it was. At first, we were kind of discouraged by the gigantic line to get food, but after seeing that the other places weren’t as good, we decided to give in to EggSlut. Not gonna lie, my first thought was “it’s just an egg sandwich, why are people going crazy” but after finally ordering my Fairfax sandwich and some orange juice, I understood the hype.

Firstly, it’s not just an egg sandwich; they have a ton of options (mine was scrambled eggs, chives, melted cheddar, some special sauce and added avo). Secondly, I don’t know what magic these guys do, but the sandwiches taste amazing! We were also super lucky to sit on the “bar” (the only bar we’re sitting on since we’re still underage *cries*) and had a view of the open kitchen. I do think it’s a slight downfall that the place is small, but if you stick around for a minute or two, you’re bound to find a place to sit down. Also, fun fact – they carry a dish literally called “Slut”, so when it’s ready, the chef yells “One Slut for John!!” Amazing.

Overall, I loved visiting the Broad and having an EggSlut brunch after. I’m falling in love with L.A. more and more and can’t wait to see more of what the city has to offer! Next week I’m doing tons of different stuff like hiking to the Hollywood sign and going to the L.A. county fair, so expect a lot of pictures (Instagram is linked, you can watch my stories there!) and a blog post on that coming really soon as well!



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