This is a #throwback kind of post, because it’s gloomy and rainy in London and I needed a reminder of sunny LA in December!

If you’ve never heard about the Museum of Ice Cream, you must be living under a very well sheltered rock with no access to Instagram or Pinterest. It is currently located in LA, Miami, San Francisco and New York(I might be wrong?) and in a nutshell is one of those super trendy places that people buy tickets for months in advance and they’re *slightly* overpriced (29$). Nevertheless, we don’t have those in Europe, so when I heard that they’re extending their sale for tickets until December, I decided to venture out there during one of my last days in Los Angeles.

MOIC is situated in the Arts District of LA, very close to Zinc cafe, so it’s a perfect weekend activity to combine with a nice brunch after. You definitely need to be at least 20minuted early, as there is usually a big queue and you do need an extra 5-10min to take pictures in front of that pink wall! Speaking of pictures, this might be a tad bit too extra for some people, but consider your outfit beforehand, so it pops against all the props and installations. I opted out for a frilly, dusty pink blouse and some light wash denim, which was a total winner for me!

The museum itself is definitely a cool place to visit – from the wonderful staff that makes you swear that you won’t touch any bananas, to the sprinkle pool and giant gummy bears. You enter a sequence of 10 brightly coloured rooms with unique installations and you get SNACKS… which ngl was my favourite thing! There is quite a bit of people, but they do organise it in a way where it’s not overly crowded, although the sprinkle pool did kind of feel like one of those inflatable pools you had as a kid – almost impossible to take a decent picture in there! Also, after getting out, you will have sprinkles in places you never thought you will – just wait to go to the loo after haha!

The California Room


The Banana Room


The Telephone Room


The Gummy Bear Room

The Black Cones Room


I do enjoyed our visit and would recommend it if you can get ahold of tickets! It’s a different experience and definitely brings the child within you! And beware, it is very pink and colourful!

The Sprinkle Pool Room!!



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