Travel Diaries: 9 Potatoes in Lanzarote

It was one of those gloomy, typical English days right before the final deadlines when your mind naturally thinks of everything else but your project.

Procrastinating, as usual, I was scrolling through flights back home because I wanted to go back since I had nothing more to do here in London. As I was speaking to my mother telling her which flight to book, suddenly, my phone rang. One of my high school friends who now studies in Warwick called me and said something in the lines of:

“Hey, we found this amazing villa and cheap flights to Lanzarote, wanna come with us?”

My eyes widened with excitement. Lanzarote, part of the Canary Islands. Aka paradise. I instantly opened Skyscanner and found the flight. It took me probably 5minutes to book it.
As soon as the thought of actually going on holiday so soon sunk in my mind, I realised I’m actually anything but prepared to go on a beach vacay. Living in London I had no summer clothes whatsoever, no bikini and no beach bag. Thanks to the existence of Primark, I was able to quickly find everything I was missing (I did a cheeky stop at Zara as well) and I was ready to go.

And so, two weeks later, I headed to Birmingham airport with a suitcase full of sassy swimsuits and shorts ready to tackle what I knew would be a hell of a trip to the Canary Islands. We took a flight with RyanAir, which took a bit over 4 hours to get to Lanzarote. I seriously felt like I was in a casino or something with all of the products they were offering and the scratch card games that were going around.


As far as where we were staying, we had booked an amazing villa called Villa Las Salinas which was just a 15min drive away from the airport. I swear that we all thought it was a scam until we saw it with our own eyes – it was amazing – all 9 of us managed to fit, we had a private pool, BBQ, air conditioning, Wifi and even a pool table!

There isn’t much more I enjoy than getting lost on an island that I don’t know much about. Lanzarote is a small volcanic island, sitting in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean just over 100km off the West coast of Africa. You can count on good weather most of the year as well as some beautiful beaches including the dramatic black rock beaches, whites washed villages and beautiful fishing ports.

Over our few days of Lanzarote exploration, we visited some of the most insanely breathtaking corners of the island. We definitely didn’t manage to see everything but that’s just another reason to go back to this piece of paradise, isn’t it?

After arriving at our villa, we spent the rest of the day chilling by the pool and made a supermarket trip for the barbeque we had later. The weather was not too hot, with the occasional cloud, which I personally found to be better as we did do a lot of walking and would have been way more tired and burnt in the end of it all.

Our first full day on the island we decided to head to the capital Arrecife which was just a 10min drive from our villa. We roamed through the marina ( which reminded me soo much of Cornish in Beirut!!), then ventured into the city to find a restaurant where we could indulge into sangria, tapas and fresh fish. We ended our day trip at a beach we found along the way and just relaxed there until dinner time.

The next day we dedicated to exploring the Timanfaya national park, home to an active volcano, watching the waves crash at Los Hervideros, taking a short hike to the green lake of El Golfo (El Lage Verde) and squealing with THIS IS INSANELY BEAUTIFUL at the turquoise blue view from the heights of Mirador del Rio. Since we travelled a lot during that day, we did rent out a minivan who we named Johny. Renting a car is probably the best thing to do if you are visiting Lanzarote since it gives you a lot of freedom to choose the routes and it’s actually really cheap (we paid like 2.5€ per person for fuel). Despite being a relatively old car, Johny managed to take us all across, going up and down between the volcanic scenery of the island. It was definitely worth taking a day to visit all of the places as I have never seen something similar before. It’s not your typical island getaway and it’s definitely far prettier than the drive from the airport to the villa had given it credit.

The last day before our flight back to reality, we entirely spent laying on the beach and relaxing in the turquoise water. Being me, I spent a good time in the water, despite realising the water is extremely salty (a nightmare for a contact lenses wearer like me) Nevertheless, it was really clean and full of fishiiiiesss! I think everyone thought I was 5 when I saw the fishes swimming around me and started yelling at them like a little child haha!

But my favourite moments, as with any travel trips, were the unexpected ones, the moments on this cacti filled, volcanic island, that just happened.

The late night barbeques and homemade mojitos (and the arguing of how you actually pronounce mojito),  the jamming sessions to Despacito everywhere (seriously, everywhere, at any given time), the 3 AM trips to the seashore, the over amusement with Lanzarote potatoes and of course all the mini heart attacks that Johny the van gave us every 7seconds. Until next time, Lanzarote!



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